Q: Does the price include set up and delivery?

A: The price includes local delivery for most items  although additional fees may apply for areas farther out depending on what items you are ordering.  Remember prices do not include Pennsylvania's sales tax. Let us know if you are tax exempt and have the form so we can remove the sales tax from your order.

Q: Do you deliver to other areas?

A: Yes, but once again please be aware that due to rising gas prices and the possible need for an extra truck and labor that travel fees can be quite high.  We are based in East Stroudsburg.  Standard rate includes travel within 20 miles of East Stroudsburg.

Q: Does the standard rental time include your set up time?

A: No. We arrive early to set up so you get the entire rental time to play. 

Q: When do you set up?

A: Our deliveries are the day before for most backyard rentals and day of for semi-public or public rentals that need supervision.  Deliveries day of party start at 6:00 AM.  You will be either called or sent an email with a 3-4 hour window for delivery that the delivery crew may update as needed the day of your delivery.  These times are ESTIMATES and may change.  When you are the next to receive your delivery the crew will call you when they put your address into their GPS and tell you what the GPS estimates for arrival. 


Q: When do you Pick up?

A: Pick up times vary. Semi-public and public events will be picked up immediately after supervision is finished. Private backyard parties will be picked up anytime after your party, or if it gets very late it will be picked up the next day. If the items at your party are rented by someone else for the next day then your items are a priority for pickup after your party at some point that night. In general we enjoy giving backyard parties the opportunity to have the units later and be picked up the following day, but that can not always happen.
Q: Do we have to keep inflatables plugged in the entire time?

A: While in use, Yes. A blower keeps air in the inflatable unit the entire time. Once unplugged they deflate. That´s why we require an outlet within 50´ of the unit or a generator. Longer cords can pop your circuit breaker so we bring our own heavy duty cords. 100' length extension cord is the longest permitted by PA law.

Q: What about parks? Do parks have electricity?

A: Parks are more expensive and challenging. Most parks do NOT have electricity. If you want to set up at a park, you may need to rent a generator. We rent generators at a reasonable cost. Also, parks will require supervision for the inflatable and many require additional insured documents, which we can provide. 

Q: What payments do you take?

A: Cash or Credit Cards. If paying by cash, please have exact change as our drivers do not carry change. All payments need to be marked on the invoice/contract you are signing or you may be charged twice for the same rental by mistake.  If you want a receipt print your copy of the invoice/contract and have our driver indicate type of payment and sign that it  was received on your copy.

Q: What if we need to postpone or cancel?

A: Once provided the deposit is NON REFUNDABLE for any reason. Please call as early as possible if you need to postpone or cancel your party/event to protect your deposit so it can be used for a future party/event. You must call and speak to a live person (not a recording) at least BEFORE 6:00 AM the morning of delivery for your party/event (or the night before delivery) to give us the ‘heads up’ about a potential postponement or cancellation or you forfeit your deposit. When you call we can discuss options for your party/event, you don’t need to make the final decision at 6:00 AM, just let us know you are having issues. Once we have arrived to set up you will be charged in full even if you cancel when we arrive. We do not give refunds for any reason including weather.

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: Yes all orders require a $50- $100.00 Credit Card deposit. They are non- refundable but may be applied toward future rental payments if you stay in compliance with our Rain and Cancel policy. Some larger orders will require a 50% deposit.

Q: Steps, hills, levels, downstairs?

A: Please note the space required for each inflatable (listed near the large picture) as some are VERY big and require extra space. When in doubt, measure your space to make sure it will fit. Inflatables need room to be staked and they need room for the blower and can´t rub against walls or trees as this may damage the inflatable.  The sizes listed with each inflatable include the space needed for stakes etc. If you have stairs or a tiered backyard, please call our office to discuss options for setup. There is an impediment fee or they may not be able to deliver if the delivery crew arrives to discover hills, steps and levels you want them to deliver over. Let us know in advance to solve delivery issues before they become problems.

Q: What surfaces do you set up on?

A: We can set up on Grass (our favorite and best for the kids), dirt, asphalt, macadam, and concrete. Sorry, we can´t set up on any type of rocks as the constant rubbing will wear through the vinyl the inflatable is made from.  We can also set up in doors on wood or gym floors, mats and carpets..

Q: Can we see a copy of your contract and safety rules?

A: Yes. There is a link in your receipt once you've ordered or you may contact our office.

Q: Are we responsible for the unit if it gets a tear or damaged in any way?

A: Yes and no.  You are not responsible for normal wear and tear on our units.   If any damage occurs please alert us at once so we can remedy the situation.  If however, damage occurs due to failure to follow our safety rules or negligence (i.e. not turning off the blower in high winds) you will be responsible for all damages up to and including replacement of the unit/blower etc. which can cost thousands of dollars.  We don´t want you or us to be in that situation which is why we have you sign and initial on all of our safety rules so that you can be the trained operator.

Q: What is the difference among Private and Public Rentals?

A: Private is in your backyard or house.  You may supervise the inflatable yourself by taking the online training program.

Public Rentals would be churches, schools, parks, community events and open houses. These require trained, certified, experienced  supervision by law and depending on the number of people you anticipate may need additional supervision.  Volunteers may assist our staff to help defray the costs.

Q: Do you have packages?

A: Yes. Contact us for pricing and packages.


Q: Do you give discounts?

A: Do you qualify for the Good Neighbor Award? If you do, then yes.  We also give discounts for repeat customers, referrals and people who 'Like' us  and say something nice about us on Facebook.

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