1. A level ground 5 square feet larger then the bounce

  2. A dedicated 20amp circuit within 50’ of bounce (1 circuit per bounce)

  3. An area free of overhanging wires

  4. Area free of loose debris including rocks, stones, and sticks

  5. Winds can not exceed a sustained 15mph

Requirements & Safety

Safety First

  1. Children must be supervised at all times! DO NOT leave children unattended!

  2. Ensure that all children using the bounce house understand and follow these rules.

  3. Compatible age groups must play on the unit at the same time. Age groups must not be mixed.

  4. Compatible sized children MUST play on the unit at the same time. Different sized children must not be mixed.

  5. Bounce houses are designed for children, not adults. No adults “playing” in the bounce house please!

  6. The following items are not allowed in the bounce house, and must be remove:
        Shoes or foot wear
        Sharp Objects
        Party Favors
        Jewelry and watches
        Chewing gum
        Food or drinks

  7.  NO Silly String in, around, or near the bounce house (silly string has a chemical in it that       will "eat" through the vinyl)!!!!!!!

  8.  No sitting or lying inside the bounce house.

  9.  No flips or somersaults.

  10.  Do not bounce or play near the opening of the bounce house.

  11.  No food or drink inside or near the bounce house.

  12. Keep all pets away from bounce house.

  13. Keep all children away from blower and power cords (create a “keep away” zone).

  14. Do not unplug the bounce house while occupants / riders are inside.

  15. Do not attempt to move or un-stake the bounce house.

  16. Do Not Use the bounce house under the following conditions, or if they develop:
        High Winds, Rain or Thunder Storms
        Power outage
        If bounce house becomes wet for what ever reason
        Bounce house is punctured.
        In the event of foul weather, make sure all children exit the bounce house safely,
            then deflate the bounce house by unplugging. Cover the blower to protect from rain.
            Turn off all sprinklers!

  17. If the bounce house starts to deflate:
        Make sure all children exit the bounce house quickly and safely
        Check all power connections to make sure nothing has unplugged
        Check circuit breakers and fuses in house
        Check blower to make sure it’s not wet.
        Make sure the air tube on the balloon is tied securely to the blower.